Tuesday, April 29, 2014

GOAL Advocacy Launches Radio Ad in Las Cruces

(April 28, 2014)  GOAL Advocacy recently launched a radio ad in Las Cruces aimed at bringing attention to the Organ Mountain National Monument debate.

The radio spot can be heard here.  The spot encourages residents of Dona Ana County to contact Senators Heinrich and Udall and ask them to pursue the legislative process in the effort to protect the Organ Mountains as a national monument.   The legislative process will help ensure the issues Dona Ana County residents care about most are addressed in any designation.  According to a recent survey of Dona Ana County residents by GOAL Advocacy, strong majorities were more likely to support a designation that addresses and protects grazing, border security and flood control projects.

GOAL Advocacy was created to educate and promote policies which will have a positive impact on the state and region. GOAL brings together business and community leaders from across the region to share their expertise, experiences and ideas.  Through their commitment to the state and region, the board will guide the organization to change the landscape of public policy discussion in the region and be a consistent voice on all issues relating to jobs and the economy.   To learn more visit our website at www.goaladvocacy.com.


Anonymous said...

A radical right wing group, Goal Advocacy, partially funded by Tea Party Congressman Steve Pearce and certain corporate interests, is running bogus radio ads against the National Monument. This same anti-wilderness group wants to turn over all Federal lands over to the states and private interests including vast areas of our Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks area.

Southern New Mexicans should be disgusted with our Tea Party Congressman and his underhanded political tactics against the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument proposal. First we got his phony "push poll" against the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument on February 11th put out by the same Goal Advocacy. This organization was formed to promote extreme conservative policies such as espoused by Congressman Pearce. In fact Mr. Pearce gave the group $10,000. Jason Heffley, executive director of GOAL Advocacy, is a former member of Pearce’s congressional staff. Another group staff member Andrea Goff was the head fundraiser for Mr. Pearce's last campaign.

Goal Advocacy and Congressman Steve Pearce are on a rampage pushing to eliminate our public lands and wild places. Their hope is to turn over these pristine wilderness areas to private land speculators and to the oil and gas interests. The oil and gas industry and the notorious Koch Brothers have contributed most of the $1.380 million cash in political contributions to Mr. Pearce's re-election campaign. The question for our community is: “Are we going to let a few ruthless and domineering wealthy individuals hiding behind a corporate structure dictate public policy to us?” I say “No.”

It is time for President Obama to designate the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument to keep it for our children, your children's children and for all future generations of Americans.

Frank DuBois said...

Wow. The enviros, funded by nonprofit grants, have been running tv, radio and newspaper ads for the last five years or more.

Along comes GOAL advocacy who is running radio ads for just two weeks and you go completely bonkers.

L. Hyatt said...

while we're keeping all this property out of production for future generations, what will we eat?