Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gore Blames Global Warming For Hurricane Sandy, Philippines Typhoon

Former Vice President Al Gore blamed global warming for the devastating natural disasters in the Philippines and northeastern U.S. in a Politico interview published Friday. The extensive interview, in which Gore calls himself a "recovering politician" and declines to rule out a Presidential run in 2016, also focuses heavily on Gore's thoughts on efforts to combat climate change. Gore said he thinks the world is nearing a "tipping point" in which there would be "shared resolve" to decrease the use of fossil fuels worldwide. He also said that, if steps are taken now, some "catastrophic" events might be avoided. But he also made sure to cite global warming as the cause of other recent high-profile natural disasters...Gore predicted in the same interview that "hundreds of millions of climate refugees"could be created if action isn't taken soon...more

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