Friday, April 11, 2014

Two brothers detained, cited by BLM in Bundy cattle dispute

Two protesters scuffled with federal rangers out at the Cliven Bundy cattle protest near Bunkerville Thursday evening. The Bureau of Land Management says the two men were trespassing in a federal holding pen near the Overton Marina, where some of Bundy's cattle are being held. The animals had recently been rounded up by the BLM. The men are brothers, Tyler and Spencer Schillig. They say they were surrounded by rangers, threatened with tasers and detained for hours. "I decided you know what, enough is enough," Tyler Schillig said, "I went down and confronted the officers and then I was also arrested." Tyler Schillig wasn't hurt, but Spencer said he was. "They took me to the ground," Spencer Schillig said. He says the marks on his face are a result of the encounter. "Were you physical with them at all, before this happened?" 8 News NOW reporter Lauren Rozyla asked. "No, I was not. I showed no signs of aggression," Schillig said. The BLM have been moving the cattle off public land since Saturday, because they say Bundy allowed the animals to illegally graze on the land. The brothers were detained by the BLM for two hours and released with citations for interfering with agency function, disorderly conduct and violent behavior. KLAS

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