Friday, May 16, 2014

Forest Service Snubs Otero County; Sheriff To Continue Criminal Investigation


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Members of the Otero County Commission, the Sheriff of Otero County, and Representative Yvette Herrell met with their legal counsel, the US Attorney Damon Martinez, Forest Service Regional Supervisor Cal Joyner, federal law enforcement, counsel for the United States Forest Service and Forest Service Personnel. Ultimately, the members from the County were frustrated and disappointed by the inability of the USFS to work cooperatively in any meaningful way. And, while the County contingent respectfully discussed that the US was violating the law in their current actions, the Federal Government was unwavering in their belief that they lacked the authority to stop violating the law and open the gates.

Commissioner Herrell stated that he "was disappointed that after he implored upon the USFS to recognize that their actions resembled nothing short of tyranny that the USFS was unwilling to even open the gate for 30 days to allow the parties to explore a more long term solution." Litigation, both civil and criminal against both sides of the disagreement, was discussed and Sheriff House expressed that he would continue with his criminal investigation against the USFS and if appropriate, bring charges against those individuals that had criminally violated state law. Commissioner Rardin expressed "that this was far from over and ultimately it is incumbent upon the commission, the sheriff, and the citizens of Otero County to stand up for our Constitutional Rights."

Otero County Commission is adamant that they wish for Congress to immediately have inquiry into what the USFS is doing and hold a congressional hearing on the matter. “We hope that Congressman Pearce will immediately come to our assistance on this matter.”


Anonymous said...

This is crazy. These ranchers will destroy a developing watershed with their cattle. The Agua Chiquita stream project includes assessment and monitoring, improvement of pool structure and fish habitat, restoration and enhancement of a critical associated wetland, and fencing to provide protection of the site from cattle along the upper portion of the project area. This important project will restore a perennial headwater section of stream following a major fire event that eliminated an existing fishery, and will provide a potential site for reintroduction of native Rio Grande Cutthroat trout. It is just anti-Federal government rhetoric. This does not have to do with property rights.

Gary Thurm said...

Sorry Anonymous. A wise man once said it best. "Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth." Abraham Lincoln