Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Petition circulated to oust Battle Mountain BLM chief

Petitions are being circulated throughout northern Nevada seeking the removal from office of Battle Mountain Bureau of Land Management District Manager Doug Furtado, after he closed the Argenta Allotment to grazing. “We, the undersigned petitioners, demand that Battle Mountain Bureau of Land Management District Director Doug Furtado be removed from his position because he has been ignoring and continues to ignore the pleas of Lander, Eureka and Nye County residents and even his own staff. Mr. Furtado, without notice and without hearings, reduces and impedes agriculture, mining, recreation and hunting. His latest action in demanding radical reductions in grazing imperils tens of thousands of animals with wildfire. Millions of animals, including sage grouse, are at imminent risk of burning, because the fuel load continues to increase on BLM land,” the petition reads. “Mr. Furtado’s actions also imperil the economies of all Nevada counties,” it adds...more

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