Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sheep herding dog killed by wolf in Boise foothills

A recent wolf attack in the Boise foothills killed a sheep herding dog. Authorities say this isn't necessarily uncommon, but they do want the public to be aware. On May 8th, a one-year-old border collie named Teson was killed by a wolf. Teson was herding sheep through the Upper Hulls Gulch area when the wolf attacked. Frank Shirts is Teson's owner and has been herding sheep through the Boise foothills for years. "It makes you mad, the sheep herders feel bad about it because they've had him since he was a puppy training him, and it's a asset to me," said Shirts. Each spring, Shirts rely on two border collies to help guide the sheep, and two great Pyrenees to guard them. "I just like people to know what the wolves will do to you and your animals, they're causing us a lot of problems, always have and probably always will," said Shirts...more

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