Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tucumcari rockabilly festival to expand

The second annual Rockabilly on the Route will be taking over the Mother Road on June 5-8 with music, classic cars, pinup girls, parades, and multiple events throughout the weekend at the Tucumcari Convention Center. This years event has been extended to four days of events including the addition of a movie night at the Odeon theater and much more. It all begins on June 5 with a Rockin’ Bowl: Rockabilly on the Route Kick-off and La Loca Magazine release party at Mountain View Bowling. This year there will be 11 live music bands starting at 6 -p.m.- 8 p.m., on June 5 and 6 during the Happy Hour Hullabaloo at the Tucumcari Convention Center with live music from the Sandbox Bullies and Emily Herring and the Farm to Market...more

Nice to see these economic development events in Quay County.  Our leaders don't believe in this type of thing here, relying instead on a proposed 500,000 acre national monument.  To that end they've already run off the Chile Challenge (which annualy had a $12 million positive impact on the community) and as I predicted,  the "ghost city" Pegasus Project.  That last one just cost us 3,200 construction jobs and 350 permanent jobs.  Further, we have no idea what present or future economic developments are or will bypass our area due to the eight years of attempts to designate monuments or wilderness surrounding Las Cruces.

Either tell our current "leaders" to TAKE A HIKE, or teach your kids HOW TO HIKE, because that is their future until they become adults and move away to an area with economic opportunities.

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LC Sons of Liberty said...

The Dona Land Grab is a continuation of federal confiscation of NM land. This continuation will take even more land from productive use by our private industries, by loss of tax revenue to OUR state, and ultimately destroy job growths in our communities. All this from our friends at Agenda 21 the UN who want to take citizens property rights and destroy them. Think about why New Mexico, it is because we won't fight back. The 500,000 acres is our line in the sand!