Tuesday, June 10, 2014

NM Meadow Jumping Mouse Officially an Endangered Species

The New Mexico meadow jumping mouse is now officially an endangered species, and conservation groups are urging government agencies to do as much as possible to protect the nearly extinct animal. The mouse's primary habitat is along streams in central New Mexico, eastern Arizona, and southern Colorado, all areas which are also used for cattle grazing. According to Jay Lininger, senior scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity, the greatest threat to the mouse's habitat is from cattle grazing, though he adds the two species can co-exist on the public lands where the mouse lives and the cattle water. "There's absolutely no reason why livestock have to water inside riparian areas occupied by the jumping mouse, where cows can literally drive the mice extinct," says Lininger. "Water can be piped to drinkers outside of the riparian habitat, and it could be a win-win for both the mice and the ranchers."...more

Except our friends in the Forest Service will build a pipe fence to keep cattle out, but won't "pipe" water to cattle.

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