Friday, June 20, 2014

Wildlife agents confirm 2 recent incidents of wolves killing, injuring NE Oregon livestock

Oregon Fish and Wildlife officials say they've confirmed two recent incidents of wolves killing or injuring livestock in the northeast corner of the state. The Oregonian reports that four ewes and three lambs were found dead June 13 in a sheep pen near Pendleton. In that case, a lamb was missing and a number of other sheep were injured. Investigators found bite wounds consistent with wolves. The unidentified ranch owner saw a single, uncollared wolf feeding on a carcass that day. And GPS tracking collar data from a Umatilla River wolf pack member proved there was at least one other wolf nearby at the same time. Investigators say a cow was attacked and severely injured less than a mile away a few days earlier. GPS data showed two Umatilla River pack wolves in the pasture around that time. Fish and Wildlife's Russ Morgan says the agency is working with local ranchers to reduce the risk of more attacks with additional deterrents like fencing, guard animals or alarm systems.  AP

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