Thursday, July 24, 2014

Aboard 'The Beast', migrants fear Texas crackdown, use NM instead

Texas Governor Rick Perry's plan to send troops to reinforce the Mexican border was enough to deter Salvadoran couple Edwin and Sandra, who decided to make a difficult trek through New Mexico instead. The young couple, who are expecting a baby in six months, are crossing Mexico aboard an infamous freight train known as "The Beast," which tens of thousands of Latin Americans hop on each year to make their way to the US border. Carrying two small backpacks, the pair had jumped off The Beast -- actually a network of trains crossing Mexico from south to north -- to stop for the night at Christ the King, a shelter in the central Mexican town of Apizaco that provides rooms to migrants hoping to sneak into the United States. The couple had been on the road for 18 days since leaving El Salvador, but when they heard the news about presidential prospect Perry's move to send 1,000 National Guard reservists to the already tightly guarded border, they decided to ditch their plan to cross at Eagle Pass, Texas, and take an even longer route. "A friend told me he crossed in New Mexico. Nobody goes there. It's very far, very high and you have to walk about three days through the desert," said Edwin, 36, who lived for years in Dallas and has done this all before...more


Food for Thought said...

This is indeed a crisis, and makes me think about where my family came from, where most American's families came from. Where are your roots Frank? My great grand parents came through Ellis Island after WWI. They came to the US to get away from war ravaged Europe and start a new life in the land of opportunity - the USA. How is that any different than now?

Frank DuBois said...

My family was part of the French Huguenots who were run out of France and eventually came to the U.S. The difference is they immigrated here...legally. If your folks came through Ellis Island, they also came here...legally.

Food for Thought said...

So then congress needs to get off the can and reform our immigration laws so people can continue to come here legally.