Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dog killed by wolves - video

The owner of a dog recently killed by wolves wants something to be done to protect animals from wolves. This attack happened in the same area as another attack just a few months ago. Both happened in northern Gem County near Sage Hen Reservoir. Chisolm and Tom Blessinger have been together for the past nine years. "He was my best buddy," said Blessinger. The 150-pound Great Pyrenees was Blessinger's guard dog to protect their sheep and cattle from wolves. On Monday, July 14, there were no sheep or cattle when Blessinger took Chisolm up to the Sage Hen area to meet with the Forest Service. They were inspecting water tanks in the area. On this hot day, Chisolm ran off. "When he didn't show back up I wasn't too concerned because he had been there before and I figured he'd go right on down the creek. He had shade and water," said Blessinger. But minutes turned to hours. "I whistled and hollered and we waited a while for him," said Blessinger. And hours eventually turned to days. On Wednesday, someone found Chisolm dead just 20 feet from a road and a half mile from a campground. "It was bad, on account when you see those pictures you'll understand why," said Blessinger. Despite wolves in the area, Blessinger says Chisolm has never had a run-in with wolves before, but he has killed two coyotes on separate occasions. "I know he could have handled his own if he had one [wolf], but where there was one that ganged him up on the front and one the rear end, they just killed him," said Blessinger...more

Here's the KTVB video report:

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