Monday, August 04, 2014

3 NM groups awarded grants for environmental education

The Board of Directors of Talking Talons Youth Leadership, Inc., has announced the award of three new Talking Talons Community Fund grants to local, youth-oriented non-profits: the University of New Mexico's Wild Friends Program, Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District and the Moriarty-Edgewood Schools Early Childhood Center. The University of New Mexico Foundation's Wild Friends program grant will fund live wildlife presentations to the seven Wild Friends schools in Bernalillo and Sandoval counties. A program of the UNM School of Law, Wild Friends provides experiential education integrating civics with wildlife science to teach students about the democratic process. Students develop good citizenship skills, and contribute to wildlife conservation by becoming involved in public policy projects. Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District has been awarded a grant to fund supplemental classroom education for 6th grade students in some Albuquerque Public Schools. Focusing on the impacts of human activity in the urban environment and how it affects water quality in the Rio Grande, this program shows students the importance of reducing human-caused pollution in order to sustain the integrity of the Rio Grande as a source of drinking water, as habitat for endangered species, and as a recreational resource. The Moriarty-Edgewood Early Childhood Center has been awarded a grant in support of its program that enriches early childhood learning with hands-on exposure to and exploration of their environment. Throughout the school year, children will mainly learn the "Why?" behind our collective need to protect our water resources...more

So the UNM School of Law has a "Wild Friends" program.  I wonder what "public policy projects" they have the students involved in. 

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