Saturday, August 30, 2014

"45 Seconds" - The time Tom Udall gave rancher Mike Lucero in DC

This is a political ad for Allen Weh, but goes a long way in demonstrating how Udall has treated the ranching community in NM.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Weh is disgusting. He used Foley’s gruesome execution as campaign fodder, portraying the murder as a consequence of a American foreign policy. Using James Foley’s horrific and tragic death for shock value should be offensive to all Americans. Mr. Weh is clueless about foreign policy. He is just another two bit politician.

Anonymous said...

Allen Weh is a three-time Purple Heart recipient who carries a bullet in his leg to this day because he was the last one on the helicopter, making sure all his men got on first. He has more integrity in his little finger than Tom Udall will ever have, and he knows more about foreign policy than Tom Udall ever will.
As someone who has personally known him for many years, he has more character than any politician I've ever known and he genuinely is worried about his country and the American people. The image of Foley's executioner is a familiar image that has been used many places, and the only reason Udall continues to criticize Weh's ads is because there is nothing else he can attack him on.
The world is on fire because of Obama's policies and Udall's votes have sided with Obama 94% of the time.
Udall REFUSED to meet with the ranchers in Dona Ana County about the Organ Mountains Monument and REFUSED to consider listing livestock in the purposes section of his bill, the one that was the model for Obama's executive order. He went to a college that has spawned numerous notorious ecoterrorists and he couldn't care less about the ranchers or their land that feeds families, or the ranching heritage of New Mexico. He is a two-bit liberal elitist who has no regard whatsoever for rural New Mexicans or their property rights. He is a career politician who has not only never created a job but done nothing but sign the back of government checks for most of his career. Allen Weh has been creating jobs and signing the front of paychecks for 34 years. Anyone who would vote for Udall over that is a complete moron.