Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NannyState - New federal law puts restrictions on bake sale items

Bake sales used to fuel school's sports teams and clubs, raising money for the kids going away games, nicer uniforms, field trips and so on. But, a new law limits the amount of sugary treats that many bake sales offer. So, starting this Fall bake sales won't be as sweet anymore. Parents are allowed to sell candy and goodies, but it must meet the smart snack calculator requirement. If it meets all the nutritional requirements, the calories, sugar, fat and sodium, it's ok to sell that cookie. But, if it goes over well it's not allowed and the schools can be fined. "The Smart Snacks in School Nutrition Program" took effect July 1, it's part of Michelle Obama's 2010 Healthy Hungry Free Kids Act. Some mom's, though, like Lee Ann Melson love baking goodies for her kid's class. The new law will make it even harder for parents to bring in homemade treats straight from their kitchen. "You have to be really good at your ingredient list and keeping up with everything you put into it to come up with a nutrition label,'' said TISD Food Service Director Victor Olivares. "It calculates everything from the serving size, to the amount of sugar, the amount of sodium, calories and it's a formulated program once you put it in there, it will tell you if it's good or bad," said Olivares...more

Well, since they control the size of our toilets, it was to be expected they would attempt to control what goes in the other end.  Gov't schools = Gov't control.

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