Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Ranch Radio Song Of The Day #1261

Our song today is The Auctioneer by Leroy Van Dyke.  This is the song that made him famous, and this is the version that did it for him, recorded in 1956 for Dot Records and which sold two and a half million copies.  He recorded other versions for different labels, including a live version in 1962 and a 1967 version for the movie "What Am I Bid."  And by the way, Van Dyke was born on a farm in Missouri, attended the Univ. of Missouri where he was on the livestock judging team, became a professional auctioneer in 1951 and co-wrote The Auctioneer with Buddy Black. This song also brings back memories of being in the cafe at the old 70-80 Truck Stop and listening to Larry Cohorn sing The Auctioneer.

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