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The matter of Psychological Warfare

Tyranny of the Crown
The matter of Psychological Warfare
Perverted Laws
By Stephen L. Wilmeth

            Two years ago we watched with alarm and dread as the EPA case played out against the Idaho couple attempting to build their dream house on the Priest Lake shore. Unilaterally, the EPA determined the lot the couple had purchased was a wetland. They moved against the couple, and, not only issued a cease and desist order, but set the penalty for noncompliance … $37,500 per day.
            Further, they declared no judicial review of the agency’s decision would be allowed.
            In the Idaho case, however, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the argument. They sided with the couple. In a 9-0 judgment, they spanked the Washington bureaucrats that endeavored to inflict such an action through an arbitrary administrative edict. The justices made it abundantly clear EPA administrators are held to the same law as the rest of us. Certainly, the federal agency should have learned its lesson.
            History now indicates the agency simply took the bump in stride and pressed forward. In Louisiana, the names can be changed and the land use can be altered from a home site to a landfill, but the same tyrannical agency abuse is being carried out. In this case, relief sought through the 5th Court of Appeals was denied. The court has joined against citizenry by sanctioning the agency’s action.
When it comes to labeling wetlands, the EPA remains the … judge, jury, and enforcer.
The size of the juggernaut
It is enlightening to review the scope of the federal government.
Granted, not each of the unelected bureaucrats running the various units are attempting to rewrite the Clean Water Act as is their EPA counterpart, but they are bound to make sure their fiefdoms endure.
We shall count government agencies as they are set forth alphabetically. There are a whopping 53 commissions, administrations, agencies, services, divisions, departments or bureaus listed under ‘N’. There are 34 ‘A’s and 45 ‘C’s.  There are 25 ‘U’s and 49 ‘F’s.
To the great relief of this reviewer, there were no ‘X’, ‘Y’, or ‘Z’ inclusions, but there is a mega-cadre of government entities that can write inventive regulatory demands that courts, like the 5th or 9th Circuits, more often than not rule as law.
A total of 471 governmental entities have the authority to tweak, manipulate, and interpret their mandates under their responsibility to implement law. If we don’t think there are dangerous implications therein, Santa Claus truly exists.
These folks cannot even be fired.
We have learned in the VA scandal that the bureaucrat wrongdoers cannot be terminated unless the process is run through an administrative law judge. Normal citizens don’t get that same consideration. In fact, only terrorists and prisoners get the same mandated protections as do government bureaucrats.
There are no mandated protections for our rights and privileges. It remains scandalous.
In fact, it is …tyrannical.
The assault in our midst
A neighbor rancher and I talked on the phone this morning.
The rancher told me an unfamiliar vehicle had driven into her yard this past weekend, turned around and drove off across her pasture. She immediately followed and stopped the car asking is she could offer some assistance. The driver indicated he was unaware the land was privately owned.
On further inquiry, the person divulged he was an archeologist, and he was on a mission. He was looking for rock outcroppings where he was seeking indications of past buffalo presence. He assured the rancher he could detect such presence by ‘rubs’ on the rocks!
If you are smiling, you must realize this is the science of which land designation are being crafted and policies that will be written. This will be the science of record, because we certainly don’t have any rebuttal to offer the honorable judge in some future court action. Our inventory of scientific buffalo rub indication is nonexistent. In fact, we don’t even have sound science to differentiate between Bos taurus or indicus rubs from those of mere Bison bison.
Their science will prevail and it is being formulated in a controlled measure every day.
The neighbor rancher has a huge stake in these findings. In fact, she is one of the ranch wives that were featured in Range Magazine several years ago in an article entitled “Women of the Potrillos”. In that article, those ladies discussed the matter of security they faced every day as border ranch wives. Their safety, the safety of their husbands, families, and all Americans was discussed with the hope the federal government would halt any action declaring another restricted access land designation along the border. The fact the Juarez Cartel controls the illegal cross traffic in the large rural area where their families ranch was the issue, but, in the end, it was for naught. The state’s senators, the progressive wilderness supporters, and money that affords some unknown scratch specialist to search for buffalo rubs made it happen.
President Obama signed a presidential proclamation on May 21, 2014 making 575,000 acres of that sovereign territory a border national monument. It couldn’t be done legislatively, but it got done. It couldn’t be done over an eight year period with constant fear of reprisals, endless debate, agitation and vilification, but it could be done by the stroke of a pen.
The outcome, however, is no different from the myriad of similar assaults on local customs and culture. It is the same for the folks facing the wolf reintroductions, the land owners in Idaho and Louisiana, or any number of other similar situations.
Just change the names … they are all symptomatic of the same federal juggernaut.
Psychological warfare
Conditionally, federal actions that affect local land use must be preceded by an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
The mention of ‘conditionally’ is noted because the president is apparently exempt from following federal law in using his pen to create millions of acres of national monument. In fact, it would have been quite interesting to witness the public display if the scope of the May 21 signing had been the entire state of New Mexico rather than just the 575,000 acres of federal, state and private lands along the border in Dona Ana County that the majority of the world could care less about.
Indeed, what is the difference in 320, 575,000 or 22 million acres in the face of a progressive agenda action without legislation … without the true will of the people?
This matter is set forth to discuss why an EIS is required. Many things are explicit in such a study, but, specifically, government actions must be directed to determine how they affect local communities as follows:
1.      Changes in public health and safety must be anticipated.
2.      Community disruption and disintegration must be guarded against.
3.      Displacement of community facilities must be determined and set forth.
4.      Changes to social interactions and family ties must be minimized and protected.
5.      Impacts on minorities and low income populations must be gauged.
6.      Changes in the ability to provide mental health services, law enforcement responses, and changes in the community tax base must assessed and fixed.
Not a single one of these matters was honored, prescribed, or offered in the marathon of mental anguish forced upon the 90 families impacted by the placement of ranch investments into this monument plan. They were not just abandoned. They were ignored and removed from any objective attempt to minimize the impact to their lives. The senators who engineered the plan, retired senator Jeff Bingaman, Tom Udall (D-NM), and Martin Heinrich (D-NM) not only failed to recognize the immensity of the consequences, they demonstrated no inclination that such mandated requirements be discussed.
It is time to describe their actions and others the government has allowed to happen.
It is psychological warfare aimed purposely and discriminately against Americans who stand in the way of the environmental agenda.
            Even NEPA sets forth that mental stress is a significant factor and co-equal to physical health when evaluating local health and safety issues. Psychological well being of individuals affect daily functioning in all major life areas such as adaptive behavior, occupation effectiveness and self care.
            Legislatively, the government acknowledges that certain disabilities such as PTSD are created psychological conditions. If leaders don’t understand how this is impacting Americans at risk, they don’t want to know. Time and again they coordinated efforts not just to diminish the pleas offered by those affected. They reverted to character diminishment and vilification.
            Law is being perverted. Citizens are being assaulted over inordinate, long periods of time.
            Shame on them, and … shame on the American Congress that has lost control of its original, constitutional purpose!

                Stephen L. Wilmeth is a rancher from southern New Mexico. “I am a victim of the psychological warfare waged against the ranchers of the Organ Mountain Desert Peaks National Monument. I was wronged, but that wrong equates to the outright loss of rights and privileges for … every single American!”

Wilmeth says the President is "apparently" exempt from NEPA.  NEPA applies to "all agencies" and neither the President, the Congress or the Judiciary are defined as an agency so the law doesn't apply to them.  Another instance where the elite are exempt from requirements foisted on everyone else.

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