Friday, October 16, 2015

118 properties affected by livestock disease across Wyoming

More than 100 premises in nine Wyoming counties have been affected by a virus that can cause painful sores in infected animals this year. The Ranger of Riverton reports that officials from the Wyoming Livestock Board fielded questions about vesicular stomatitis at a public meeting at Central Wyoming College. There are more than 50 confirmed and suspected cases of the virus in Fremont County. The Livestock Board has ordered some individual premises quarantined to help control the outbreak. The board cannot disclose the exact locations of the quarantines unless there is a need to protect the vicinity. All Wyoming ranchers may have limited ability to move and sell their livestock due to the outbreak. Most public comments and questions expressed concern about the situation during the public meeting Tuesday. "I want you to be aware that this is not the end of the world," state veterinarian Jim Logan said, "although it may seem like it for a little bit." The disease, which is thought to be spread by insects that migrate along river valleys, can cause blisters, sores, sloughing of skin and lameness in animals. There is no vaccine for the disease and there isn't any other type of medication that can be applied to the lesions. "We have to rely on the animal's immune system to get this cleared up," Logan said...more

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