Wednesday, October 21, 2015

BLM tracks down online impersonator

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has tracked down an agency employee who impersonated a retired BLM heavy equipment operator online, but will not identify the person. Greg Allum, an Eastern Oregon resident once employed by BLM, recently informed Capital Press that his name was used to post comments on an article about the arson convictions of two Oregon ranchers. Allum denied making the comments about Dwight and Steven Hammond, a father and son who were recently sentenced to five years in prison for setting fires on BLM property near Diamond, Ore. The comments referred to the Hammonds as “clowns” and defended the actions of BLM in pursuing criminal charges against them. After checking the Internet Protocol address used to make the comments, Capital Press found that they were posted from a computer that belongs to the BLM. The agency has identified the BLM employee who made the comments but cannot divulge any information about the person’s name, location, position or possible disciplinary actions, said Michael Campbell, a public information officer for BLM...more

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