Sunday, October 18, 2015

'He's wrong': Rubio hits Trump over eminent domain

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio bashed GOP front-runner Donald Trump a day after the real estate mogul called the use of eminent domain "wonderful."

After a campaign stop at a tech company in New Hampshire, Rubio told The Weekly Standard that Trump is "wrong" on the issue, adding that private property is "one of the most important rights" given to Americans.

"He's wrong," Rubio said. "In Florida, when I was a state legislator, we passed what has become model legislation for other states around the country — that I actually passed — both a law and a constitutional amendment that keeps developers like Donald Trump from using eminent domain to take private property away from an owner and give it to another private owner, which is what the Kelo decision said should be legal unless states barred it.

"So he's wrong about that," Rubio said. "One of the most important rights Americans have is private property."

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