Friday, October 23, 2015

Hyatt's nominated for land stewardship honor

Leedrue Hyatt and family are being nominated for the New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts 2015 Outstanding Land Stewardship Award due to his strong conviction with conservation of natural resources. The Hyatt family has been ranching since 1898. They are on their fourth generation working the ranch. Leedrue's great-grandfather settled in the Deming area in 1898. Leedrue and Sandy had three children, Brady, the oldest who works for Columbus Electric but also helps at the ranch, Garrett, who lives in Minnesota but tries to stay active with the ranch, and Ryan who was killed in a ranching accident. They have three grandchildren, all girls. A common trait in ranching is that the third generation usually leaves or loses the ranch. It’s a tribute to the Hyatt’s’ ancestors that the ranch is working on its fifth generation. For years the Hyatt family has worked endless hours to improve the rangeland for both livestock and wildlife. They have participated in several USDA programs such as EQIP, FRIF, New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts and CSP, but they did improvements before the programs existed...more

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