Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nuisance charge against Bundy dropped in Cedar City

The Iron County Attorney’s Office has dropped charges in a case involving Ryan Bundy — a 2013 nuisance charge stemming from a non-registered dump truck on his property in Cedar City. Iron County Attorney Scott Garrett confirmed his office dropping the charges due to Bundy coming into compliance with the matter. Bundy said he received word from his attorney the charges have been dropped. “But I haven’t seen anything official,” Bundy said. “I moved it from one side of the lot to the other and got it out of the way. It makes me upset it was a problem to begin with. What is private property? So what if you own it if the government can tell you what you can have on your land?” Bundy said he realizes there are some in the county who have “salvage yards” on their properties but said that was not the case with his. Garrett said charges against Bundy for resisting arrest are still pending. That charge stemmed from an incident earlier this year when Bundy appeared in court for the nuisance charge...more

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