Friday, October 16, 2015

Wolf shot in Blue Mountains; wolves injure calf in Stevens County

Three incidents involving gray wolves are being investigated this week by Washington wildlife officers, according to Donny Martorello, Department of Fish and Wildlife wolf program leader. On Oct. 6, a dead wolf pup was documented in the Profanity Peak Pack area northeast of Republic; the cause of death is listed as unknown. On Oct. 11, WDFW received a report of a lone wolf shot in the Blue Mountains area, reportedly involved in a wolf-dog incident. On Oct. 14, a wolf-caused injury to a calf was confirmed on private property in Stevens County; the area is in the territory of the Smackout Pack. Although the injured calf is the first livestock depredation officially attributed to the Smackout Pack this year, four cattle where confirmed killed by wolves in July in the Dirty Shirt Pack territory farther south...more

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