Sunday, November 01, 2015

Baxter Black - The day Ike toured Farview

Bein’ a country vet, I’ve had my share of emergency calls regarding escaped animals. Feeder steers in City Park, buffalo at the mall or snakes in the school yard. But none of my rescue missions can compare to Gary’s tale entitled “THE DAY IKE TOURED FAIRVIEW.”

Even thirty years ago Fairview, UT put on a pretty good rodeo. Gary happened to be mounted and in the arena when the bull ridin’ began. Ike was a big rough blue gray brahmer with horns like petrified cedar and the disposition of a constipated bank examiner! Ike dislodged his rider with ease, made straight for the 6 foot arena fence and cleared it by two cow lengths! He broke for downtown with Gary hot on his heels!

Ike’s first stop was a garage. The shocked owner saw the big bull gallop by and slide in. Thinking to trap him, he closed the garage door. Gary had just turned his horse into the driveway when the garage door exploded in a shower of splinters and glass! Ike thundered by him with a good portion of the door skewered to his head!

He ran across the street scattering lumber and drove himself between the shavs of a parked pony cart...head first! He picked it up and smashed it into the side of a car!

Gary went to buildin’ a loop as the headed down the street. Ike poked his head in a service station, decided against payin’ a visit, bounced across the next lawn and into the backyard where a picnic was in progress.

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