Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Canadian Finals Rodeo protested by animal rights activists

Visitors to the Canadian Finals Rodeo were met by a small group of animal rights protesters outside Rexall Place Saturday. About a half dozen members of Voice for Animals claim animals used in rodeo events are hurt in events like calf roping. They held signs with pictures of roped animals with slogans like "Buck the rodeo" and "Bullying is bullying." One sign called on Mayor Don Iveson to "stop supporting violence." Protester Jervanne Martel held a megaphone, directing her message at people walking into the arena. "My hope for today is just to wake people up," she said. " To hope that next year there will be a lot less people supporting the rodeo." Cowboy Lee Graves rode his horse over to the protesters to talk to them but was shouted down. He later explained to a reporter that he takes issue with the idea that rodeo animals are abused. He says the bridle his horse uses is soft and the spurs on his boots aren't sharp. "They're dull, " he said, slapping his palm against the edge. "Didn't hurt my hand." Graves said he has used the same horse in competition for 15 years. He says ranchers pay good money for their horses, so he can't understand why anyone would think they would abuse them...more

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