Friday, November 13, 2015

Couple in Adams County car-bull crash healing from serious injuries

Doris Garner has no memory of the vehicle hitting the bull, much less anything that came after, when a terrible collision took its far more tragic turn. Garner and her husband, Jack, were driving home to Nampa from a family visit in LaCrosse, Wash., near dusk on Nov. 1 when their Subaru collided with a bull on U.S. 95 in Adams County. Both suffered serious injuries. Doris faces two to three weeks more in the hospital, her sister, Shannon Ellis, said Thursday. Jack is home. “He just said they came around the corner and there was the biggest black cow. ‘I didn’t have time to do anything,’ ” Ellis said Jack told her. “He says he remembers everything going black when it hit up into the windshield.”...more

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