Friday, November 20, 2015

Group Calls On Ranchers To Change Antibiotics In Livestock Usage

One group in Colorado wants farmers and ranchers to change the way they use antibiotics in livestock. On Thursday they took their concerns to Sen. Michael Bennet. “We need federal legislation to regulate antibiotic use on farms,” said protester Rianna Eckel with Food & Water Watch. Demonstrators wearing cow costumers and hospital gowns marched along downtown Denver to hand deliver a petition to Bennet’s office calling for changes to the way antibiotics are given to livestock. The group wants Bennet to co-sponsor a bill in Congress called the “Preventing Antibiotic Resistance Act.” They handed over a petition with more than 2,000 signatures collected in support of their cause. “I’m really here today to put a face on the statistics because we can all think about 2 million people who get sick or 23,000 lives that are lost. But I want to say that I know one of those 23,000 and it’s not something I want to see any other family go through,” said protester Bob James...more

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