Friday, November 06, 2015

NMSU part of strategic plan for NM ag industry

New Mexico’s agriculture and food processing industries face many challenges and are looking to the future. The combination of agriculture and food processing is an important part of New Mexico’s economy. Together, the two broad industries accounted for $10.6 billion, roughly 12.3 percent of New Mexico’s $85 billion gross state product in 2012. The future will bring opportunities to these industries that are important to the state’s economy, ranging from expanding sales to out-of-state markets to supplying New Mexico consumers with locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. It will also bring the challenges of an aging agricultural workforce and the growing demand for water in a period of prolonged drought. New Mexico State University and New Mexico First are joining forces to develop a strategic plan to help maintain a resilient New Mexico food and agricultural system. The Thornburg Foundation is coordinating the funding of the project...more

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