Friday, November 20, 2015

Obama administration asks Supreme Court to approve executive amnesty

The Justice Department asked the Supreme Court to reinstate President Obama’s deportation amnesty Friday, filing papers appealing a federal appeals court’s decision blocking the amnesty exactly a year after the program was first announced. Administration officials hope to get the case on the high court’s calendar for this term, which ends in June. Otherwise the case would have to wait to be heard until October 2016, at the earliest, which would mean a decision likely wouldn’t come until after Mr. Obama leaves office and a new president has a chance to undo his moves. Immigrant-rights advocates cheered the appeal, but said they still want to see more out of Mr. Obama. “Appealing to defend the expansion of deferred action is the least the Administration can do on immigration,” said Marisa Franco, director of the #Not1More Campaign that wants to halt deportations. “The Department of Justice should be investigating the civil rights crisis at DHS that’s unfolding with no one watching. ICE’s abuses constitute a fire that only the DOJ can put out.” Mr. Obama could have dropped the case and accepted the decision last week from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled he violated the law...more

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