Thursday, November 12, 2015

Residents still want answers after Tuesday night meeting about death of Jack Yantis - video

...When asked about body cameras, Zollman explained he did not know if body cams were recording during the incident. Several community members responded with concerns why Jack Yantis wasn't medically treated, or allowed to be aided by his family who were on scene of the shooting. After nearly 45 minutes of questions from the community, some residents became angry and walked out of the church. At one point, Zollman said, "We are innocent until proven guilty," which prompted laughter from several people in the audience. One individual asked Zollman if he would step down from the position if he hired, "two murderers," which Zollman responded as, "No. I will absolutely not." The daughter of Jack Yantis, Sarah, spoke to the media beforehand only a short distance away from where Jack was fatally shot by deputies on November 1st after an altercation occurred. "The road has been washed twice. It rained for a night and a day and his blood still remains here on the road and I believe this is where his blood is going to stay until he receives justice for this tragic and needless murder," Sarah Yantis explained...more

Here's the KIVI video report:

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