Tuesday, November 10, 2015

SeaWorld to end killer-whale shows in San Diego

Amusement-park operator SeaWorld Entertainment will end killer-whale shows at its San Diego property following public scrutiny and regulatory pressure. “We’re not limited to any one animal, to any one show, to any one attraction," SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby told investors in an event that was live-streamed online. "We are listening to our guests; we're evolving as a company; we're always changing." The California Coastal Commission recently refused to give the company permission to breed killer whales, a decision that would have threatened its theatrical shows. The company is putting on hold a plan for a major tank expansion in San Diego, saying it will invest in a new "orca experience" to open in 2017. San Diego park visitors "want experiences that are more natural," Manby said. "So we actually think it’s a good thing because our guests will resonate with it more. The theatrical production of the show in that market is what they wanted to see less of."...more

That sounds ok, till you read this:

Manby said the company would continue killer-whale shows in San Antonio and Orlando.

Clearly, regulatory pressure and enviro PR are forcing them to make this change in Ca.

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