Thursday, November 05, 2015

Senate approves resolution to withdraw Waters of the U.S. (Udall & Heinrich vote no)

The Senate on Wednesday voted 53-44 on S.J. Res. 22, a resolution to withdraw the Waters of the U.S. regulation, drawing praise from farm groups. "America's farmers and ranchers care deeply about clean water, and we are committed to protecting it for future generations," said Chip Bowling, president of the National Corn Growers Association. "But this rule is not based on science or law, does not clarify farmers' responsibilities under the Clean Water Act and will not improve water quality." Though the resolution to eliminate the rule was approved, the Senate previously voted down a bill that would have revised the WOTUS regulation, S. 1140.  The National Cattlemen's Beef Association and the Public Lands Council also supported the resolution vote. "America's cattlemen and women are drowning in federal regulation that adds burdens, costs and uncertainty to our businesses," said NCBA President Philip Ellis "The WOTUS regulation is the greatest overreach yet. If allowed to take effect, it would give EPA jurisdiction over millions of acres of state and private property. Without action by Congress and the President to withdraw this rule; producers, stakeholders and states will be forced to continue litigation, adding millions of dollars in expenses and years in delay." The joint resolution passed by the Senate was brought by Senator Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, under the Congressional Review Act. This resolution would order the EPA and Corps to withdraw the WOTUS rule and would prevent the agencies from further similar rulemaking. The joint resolution must now be passed by the House and signed by the President...more

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Anonymous said...

WOTUS rule is a extreme totalitarian authority for redefining Americans property rights.

With this WOTUS rule using the Clean Waters Act even small parcels of land to acres, you have less rights and uses on it, then when you purchased your property or inherited it from ancestors. It is not just about rich, large property owners, ranchers or farmers. It's about control of all of us who want to better ourselves, to own something in our lives, improve on it, and be able to pass that on.

It is another incremental method being used to take down the United States and the American peoples rights that made us great.

Senators Heinrich and Udall show total disregard for our historic inalienable rights and their agenda for changing America.