Monday, November 16, 2015

Supporters of Rancher Killed in Officer-involved Shooting March Peacefully

A march and rally Saturday to support the family of a rancher who was fatally shot by deputies was peaceful and incident-free, ending with the group standing in quiet protest outside the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. About 75 people gathered for the march, prompted by the Nov. 1 death of Jack Yantis, 62, on the highway next to his ranch north of Council. Participants carried signs that read “Murder is legal if you’re a cop” and “What happened to de-escalation?” during a somber milelong walk along U.S. 95 from Council Elementary School to the Sheriff’s Office. “It means a lot,” said Alvin Yantis, 65, one of Jack’s older brothers. “We’ve had support from the whole country — a lot of prayers. It’s kind of kept us going.” Becca Barrow, a 30-year-old Kuna mother who grew up in Council, organized the rally through a Facebook page called Justice for Jack. Participants brought young children and dogs. “I’m here to support the family in getting the truth out,” Barrow said. “I am upset that they haven’t released the names of the officers.” Loraine Batt, of Nampa, brought her 84-year-old father, Dwight Moore, to the demonstration. “I just don’t know how a guy can come to shoot a bull and get shot himself,” Batt said. “I think it was an injustice,” Moore said...more

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