Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Video - BLM doesn't respond to records request on federal gun used by an illegal alien causing a death

An NBC Bay Area investigation into the loss and theft of police firearms uncovered more than 500 weapons have gone missing from eight different law enforcement agencies, including the California Highway Patrol, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration and six local departments since 2010. The investigation found the problem of lost and stolen law enforcement weapons goes far beyond the gun stolen from a Bureau of Land Management ranger’s vehicle in San Francisco. That gun was later tied to the shooting death of Kate Steinle on Pier 14 in San Francisco on July 1, 2015, police confirm. "We need to know that when law enforcement officers are given the privilege to carry around weapons, that they are going to be held to the requirements that are imposed in making sure they’re secured and not easily available for criminals to use in crimes," said Frank Pitre, the attorney representing the Steinle family. Pitre filed a claim in August against the BLM on behalf of the Steinle family, alleging the gun the caused Steinle’s death should have been locked and secured in the BLM ranger’s vehicle.  It’s still not clear how the gun that killed Kate Steinle ended up in the hands of the alleged shooter after being stolen from a BLM ranger’s vehicle in San Francisco. The agency has not yet responded to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by NBC Bay Area in July, and the Steinle’s attorney said they haven’t received any answers either.  "The real-life tragedy played out," Pitre said. "There was a gun stolen from a BLM ranger’s car, left in a backpack that was in plain view. She’s not with us, and she’d be here today if somebody took the simple precaution which was required." Pitre said he expects to get more answers from the agency as the case progresses and hopes Steinle’s death will serve as a wakeup call for those who take gun ownership too lightly...more

 According to the following NBC video report, all but one of the local law enforcement agencies responded to their records request, but the BLM has not responded. You have to wonder why. What official duty was that BLM employee conducting in San Francisco?  How was the gun secured and what is BLM's policy for securing weapons?  One report says the gun had no safety.  Is this accurate?  Why was the gun altered and what is BLM's policy on that?

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