Thursday, December 24, 2015

Book Review - The Life and Death of America's Sheriff

...Dempster’s impetus for writing the newest book came a few weeks after that Sept. 18, 2012 car accident that cost Dever his life. “I was contacted by a writer who requested an interview with me because he wanted to write a story about Sheriff Dever. I could tell from the type of questions he was asking that this person had no interest in representing the real man, but wanted a sensationalized version of his life.”  Troubled by his conversation with the writer, Dempster contacted Larry Dever’s wife, Nancy, and asked if he and Daniel could write a book about their friend’s life. “Nancy and the family gave us their blessing and provided us access to a bunch of photos and other items.” Nancy Dever recalls that conversation with Dempster, stating she did not want a stranger telling her husband’s story. “Bill (Daniel) and Larry (Dempster) had published the Miracle Valley books and the border book and I thought they were well done,” she said. “My Larry had been involved in all of them, and I knew how much time and effort Bill put into his research and in documenting everything… If someone was going to write a book about Larry’s life, I wanted it to be someone who knew and cared about him,” she said of Daniel and Dempster. “America’s Sheriff” looks at some highlights of Dever’s youth and his family, along with his accomplishments and challenges as Sheriff and finally, the intrigue and circumstances of his death. “We believe we have uncovered enough evidence through research and documentation to disprove some of the rumors circulating about Sheriff Dever’s death,” said Dempster. “The book has 400 footnotes and everything we say is backed by documentation.” For Daniel, writing “America’s Sheriff” involved a few unexpected twists and turns. “We started out expecting the book to be a biography of Sheriff Larry Dever,” he explained in a recent phone interview. “Instead, the focus became about how there was so much more to be told.” Daniel believes the book will leave the reader with a “different perspective of who Sheriff Dever was than would otherwise be available.”...more

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