Friday, December 11, 2015

Cartels Fighting For Canadian Gold Mine in Mexico

Former Sinaloa Cartel gangsters in the Mexican village of Carrizalillo are killing one another in a series of savage slayings over control of illegal “taxation” revenues from a Canadian mining company. The same gangsters in the series of back and forth murders were also involved in the now-infamous disappearance of 43 Mexican students last year. Carrizalillo is a village in the troubled Pacific state of Guerrero. Goldcorp (the mining firm) pays $3 million a year to lease the land which their mine sits on, which they say is in accordance with international regulations set by the Conflict-Free Gold Standard of the World Gold Council. Gang members of “Los Rojos” (The Reds) and Guerreros Unidos (United Warriors) are vying for political and economic control of Carrizalillo through extortion and racketeering. The two gangs have been successful in intimidating locals into making a variety of different payments that come out of the aforementioned #3 million a year paid by Goldcorp to operate in the village. Senior gang leaders of both Los Rojos and Guerreros Unidos are wanted for heroin trafficking in the U.S. It was Guerreros Unidos thugs that are most suspected of having kidnapped and allegedly murdered the 43 students whose deaths last year sparked a media firestorm...more

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