Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Counting Collared Cows...

Gilat Satcom today announced that it is providing a satellite solution with connectivity over the Iridium network to Cattle-Watch, a new location, behavior monitoring and tracking service for the cattle industry that is being deployed around the world.  Reliable broadband is vital to the success of Cattle-Watch which provides herd owners with real-time reports about the location, walking, grazing and resting time, water consumption, reproductive condition and other health issues of individual cows, sheep and goats, as well warnings about possible thefts. Every animal is fitted with an Ear Tag device that feeds information wirelessly to the 4-5 percent of the herd which have solar-powered collars containing the Gilat Satcom M2M satellite solution. Gilat Satcom transmits information from the collar to a web-based and mobile platform developed by Cattle-Watch.  From here, information is sent—again using Gilat Satcom’s satellite service—immediately to the rancher’s computer or smartphone...more

From bronc busters to horse whisperers...and now to computer jockeys.

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