Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cruz favors returning federal land to states — VIDEO

Republican candidate Ted Cruz said Monday that if elected president, he would fight to transfer federal land in Nevada and elsewhere into the states' hands. Cruz, a U.S. senator from Texas, made his comments to the Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial board, a day before he debates other GOP candidates at The Venetian in a nationally televised event on CNN. More than 80 percent of Nevada is in federal hands, much of it through agencies that include the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service. "I think it is completely indefensible that the federal government is America's largest landlord," Cruz said. "... I believe we should transfer as much federal land as possible back to the states and ideally back to the people." Exceptions that should stay in federal hands include national parks and federal military bases, he said. "If I am elected president, we have never had a president who is as vigorously committed to transferring as much federal land as humanely possible back to the states and back to the people," said Cruz...more

Watch the video below and you'll see his position is stated clearly and with conviction.

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