Sunday, December 06, 2015

Environmentalism is the "New Age" Socialism

by Helen Raleigh

...Deep down, environmentalism isn't about saving the planet, but is a disguised anti-Capitalism movement and it's most vocal advocates won't deny their true intention. I have travelled around the world and I noticed that the freer the country, the better quality of the air one breathes. Anyone who wants to save the planet should promote freedom, private property rights and voluntary exchange. In a word, if you want better environment, embrace capitalism.

Comparing environmentalism and socialism side by side, you can see many similarities between these two ideologies:

Both were created by elitist intelligentsias who believed they have the moral responsibility to save the masses who are too dumb for their own good. For our own benefit, the benevolent elitists decide how to best organize the economy and live our lives. Both ideologies rely heavily on the power of the State to impose their visions on everyone else. For instance, socialism organizes the means of production and distribution of outcomes through central planning; while environmentalism demands government regulations to enforce their ideal way of living upon everyone else and punish anyone who doesn't obey.

Both treat Capitalism as their worst enemy. Both believe Capitalism to be responsible for many problems in this world: depleting the earth’s resources, damaging the environment, exacerbating poverty and class struggle. The very reason of Socialism's existence is to abolish Capitalism; while the environmentalists believe the future is a choice between Capitalism or a habitable planet-you can't have both, even though actual historical data shows otherwise: people are healthier, happier, wealthier, and live longer today, compared to decades ago, thanks to the spread of free markets and economic freedom. Capitalism is about choice, while environmentalism is about control.

Both are bent on enforcing conformity with any means necessary. Socialism enforces conformity through rationing necessities and thought-control via reeducation camps. Environmentalists have declared the end of discussion on the validity of climate change because "the science is settled." Anyone who dares to question climate activists' data, logic and accuracy is automatically denounced as a science denier. But the very nature of science means it is never settled. It is constant inquiry, as the greatest scientist of the 20th century Albert Einstein famously exclaimed, "the important thing is never stop questioning."

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