Monday, December 07, 2015

Sandoval: Jewell says OK to use Nevada's maps

Gov. Brian Sandoval said a few issues concerning the sage grouse land use plan have been resolved and he is committed to fixing others with U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell. “There was an agreement by the Secretary to use our maps,” he said after speaking with Jewell at the Western Governors Association’s winter meeting Friday in Las Vegas. This assures the future of projects such as Washoe County’s Veterans Cemetery and prospective sites for new schools near Reno. Sandoval said his staff has seen the maps and the documents will be discussed publicly Dec. 10 during the Sagebrush Ecosystem Council meeting. Sandoval said Jewell acknowledged the importance of the state’s Conservation Credit System. The system would allow “stakeholders” to accrue mitigation credits on public lands through the system. “She is committed to working with a pilot project,” Sandoval said. “She’ll give Nevada the opportunity to show that it works.” Sandoval said a date for the pilot program has not been set. He said a lawsuit filed by several counties, including Elko, and mining companies and the state Attorney General doesn’t help the negotiations but won’t hinder his talks with Jewell. He said Jewell will clear up any inconsistencies in the agency. “The Secretary has committed to putting out an instructional memorandum … to eliminate the ‘he said, she said’ surrounding the impact of the listing decision and land use plan on stakeholders,” Sandoval said...more

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