Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bundy: We're not breaking the law

Ammon Bundy gave a simple explanation Wednesday afternoon as to why he, his brother and their followers were not arrested Tuesday when they traveled 60 miles round-trip into Burns to attend a public meeting. “Because we are not breaking the law,” he said. LaVoy Finicum, an Arizona man who is a friend of the Bundy family and has served as spokesman for the occupiers, said federal officials are the ones who will be held accountable. He said they have broken rules laid out in the Constitution and that the buildings in the headquarters will never again be federal. “The Bundys are not the lawbreakers,” he said. “They are the law abiders.” Ammon Bundy said he and others involved in the occupation, including his brother, Ryan, attended the Tuesday meeting at Burns High School so people could see they have no reason to be afraid. And he wanted to hear what people in Harney County had to say. Harney County Sheriff David Ward and County Judge Steve Grasty, the highest ranking official in the county, have asked the Bundys to leave while thanking them for bringing public land use issues to light. A spokesman for the Harney County joint information center, which represents law enforcement, said Wednesday afternoon that the FBI is heading up the investigation of the refuge occupation. He said he could not give details as to why the Bundys were not arrested during their trip into Burns and back to the refuge, but he said the FBI is working toward a peaceful resolution. He declined to provide his name...more

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