Wednesday, January 06, 2016

'I Need to Get Home': Oregon Occupiers Hint at Exit Plan

LaVoy Finicum
Four days into their occupation, the anti-government activists who took over a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon hinted on Tuesday that their days there might be numbered. Ringleader Ammon Bundy insisted they "have a plan" to help ranchers in Harney County avoid the fate of Dwight Hammond and his son Steven, who are now in federal prison for setting fires on their ranch that spread to government land. "We are implementing this plan," Bundy said. "We see a time coming very soon where the community will begin to participate more in that and begin to take that over so they can claim their own rights." Bundy did not divulge any details of their "plan." But he said that when the community is "strong enough to defend" their rights "then we will go home." But LaVoy Finicum, one the gunmen who seized the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Saturday, made it clear he wanted to get back to his Nevada ranch. "I need to get home," he said. "I got cows that are scattered and lost." Later Tuesday, Finicum told reporters that he believed authorities had signed arrest warrants for five people, including himself. The 54-year-old brought his rifle and made a small camp in the snow and said, "they can come serve it right here." Ammon Bundy said members of the group heard that the FBI may move against them, but he did not say why he believed that or where he got his information. The group moved heavy equipment to a barricade Tuesday night...NBC

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