Monday, January 04, 2016

Media coverage of the Hammond/Bundy event and issues, and the two real issues not being addresed

The media is, of course, biased on this and for the most part ignorant of federal land law, and that is reflected in the links below.

To me, there are two primary issues here.  The first is the passage of the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, purportedly to protect us from foreign and domestic terrorists, and the fact the feds charged the Hammonds under that law, all over "damage" to less than 200 acres.  This one action by the feds makes it clear to me they really are after this family.

The second is the back story on what has happened to all the ranching families in this area and the role of the federal agencies in their demise.

The MSM is decidedly not covering these issues, and the public is not getting the full story, unfortunately.  We can look forward to more stories about the "occupation" while the real travesties of justice go unaddressed.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing happened to the National Park service employees who set a 'controlled burn' which darn near destroyed a good part of Los Alamos, NM. Why were they allowed to skate on this? You know the answer. It means that some are more justified than others, namely the bureaucrat v the citizen.