Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Obama’s Global Warming Czar Hacked After Giving Away Email Password

The hacker group Crackas With Attitude (CWA) hacked into the White House global warming czar’s phone and email account by asking his wife for the password. Hackers informed the tech-website Motherboard about their attack on John Holdren’s email account. The group accessed his account by impersonating the global warming czar and asking his wife for the password over online chat. This isn’t the first time CWA hackers got a top government official’s personal information. CWA accessed accounts belong to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper earlier in January by employing a similar method. CWA comprised the accounts by using “social engineering.” This technique includes doing simple research, sending fake emails, or just asking for the personal information which secures many accounts. One CWA hacker previously posed as a Verizon technician to acquire enough personal information to access an account belonging to CIA director John Brennan...more

My hasn't our language advanced.  Combining "czar" and "hacked" in the same sentence sounds more like something out of the 16th century than modern day civilization.

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