Sunday, January 17, 2016

Oregon brothers launch anti-Bundy fundraising campaign

Critics of Ammon Bundy and his followers occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge have launched a protest designed to line the pocketbooks of Bundy's opponents. The campaign, founded by a pair of brothers from Oregon, is known as G.O.H.O.M.E, an acronym that stands for Getting the Occupiers of Historic Oregon Malheur Evicted. Brothers Zach and Jake Klonoski launched the fundraiser Sunday. They hope to convince Bundy and crew to leave by collecting money for groups whose mission is antithetical to the occupiers' beliefs. Recipients of the donations include a gun control campaign, a group that supports the wildlife refuge the occupiers want to privatize, an organization that has labeled Bundy and company as extremists, and the Native American tribe whose members claim the refuge as their ancestral land. The fundraising campaign will continue as long as the occupation does...more

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