Friday, January 08, 2016

Ryan Bundy fought with government long before Oregon standoff

It took three bailiffs to take Ryan Bundy into custody last year in a Utah courthouse, where they were trying to arrest him on a failure-to-appear warrant. Bundy began yelling and pulling away before being subdued, said Lt. Del Schlosser, a spokesman for Utah's Iron County Sheriff's Office. Schlosser said Bundy spent 19 hours in jail, and he must return in March to face a charge of interfering with an arresting officer. Bundy, 43, has been resisting government incursions on his life large and small since long before he, two brothers and several friends took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns six days ago. Since 2006, Bundy has rejected the authority of animal control officers to corral his roaming horse, school officials to bar his 15-year-old daughter from carrying a pocketknife and city officials to regulate his fires, his property's appearance and his driving, court records and news reports show...The Oregonian

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