Monday, January 04, 2016

The Bundy Family and Armed Resistance to ‘Government Land Grabs’: Know the Facts

...While it may appear to be a severe overreaction to a criminal justice matter, such episodes are deeply embedded in certain pockets of western states where local property owners and government officials regularly clash over land usage rights and restrictions. Like some progressive activists capitalizing on officer-involved urban shootings, the Bundy family is now leveraging its experience in fomenting illogical protests across state lines. Standing up to the federal government and protecting private property rights both can be noble pursuit that inspires the hearts of conservatives, but was the Bundy standoff really about private property rights? The answer is largely no. Let’s look at what happened previously with the Bundy family in hopes of understanding the current standoff. Breitbart Texas took a close look at the fireworks surrounding the April 2014 Bundy standoff in southern Nevada. We were on scene and we were apparently one of the few outlets that actually reported on the vast paper trail of failed bureaucratic haggling, court briefs, and livestock impoundment orders that led to the dramatic showdown...Breitbart

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