Tuesday, January 12, 2016

US Attorney Misleads Constituents About Feds Treatment Of Oregon Ranchers

The Acting-U.S. Attorney for Oregon insists the federal government is not treating Dwight and Steven Hammond as terrorists, although the same attorney’s office used a law explicitly intended to deter terrorists to file an appeal to stiffen their sentences, sending the 73-year-old man and his son back to prison for five years. Dwight and Steven were convicted in 2012 of committing arson on federal land, a crime for which the sentence is a mandatory minimum of five years in prison as a result of an anti-terrorism law passed in 1996. But the U.S. District Judge regarded a five year sentence as unconstitutionally harsh in the Hammond’s case, and sentenced Dwight to three months in prison and Steven to two years in prison.  The statement leaves out the fact that an anti-terrorism law is the sole reason the Hammonds have been sentenced to another five years in prison each. The U.S. District Judge originally imposed a lighter sentence on the Hammonds exactly because they were not charged or convicted of terrorism or any crime he viewed as deserving of five years in prison.
A spokeswoman for Williams told The Daily Caller News Foundation the attorney stands by his statement saying the government did not treat or consider the Hammonds as terrorists...more

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Considering a dope dealer in Organ gets a citation and sent on his way. Real harsh for the situation,