Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cliven Bundy family has faith that he will be cleared of all charges

Briana Bundy says it's business as usual on the family's Bunkerville ranch, despite the arrest of her father-in-law, Cliven. The Bundy patriarch has been sitting in an Oregon jail since his arrest on federal charges Wednesday night. "He has the best attorney you need and that's the constitution. So he has nothing to worry about," said Briana Bundy. Cliven Bundy is accused of leading an armed assault against federal agents in 2014. At issue according to the government, Bundy owed roughly one million dollars in grazing fees. But fearing a gun battle, the government backed down. Until now. The federal government slapped the rancher with a 6-count complaint. Charges ranging from conspiracy to assault on a federal officer. "Nothing really surprises us anymore. We've been waiting for it 2 years. We're surprised it took so long for them to decide to do something," said Briana. "If them being in jail will make the American people wake up and realize their rights, and what they need to do to secure their rights, then we're willing to make that sacrifice," said Briana. "We have all the faith in the world that he'll be freed of all charges."...more

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