Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dog killed in suspected wolf attack

A dog was killed Tuesday near Duluth’s Brighton Beach, and authorities said the evidence suggests a wolf may be responsible. A medium-sized golden retriever mix was walking off-leash on a trail with its owner Tuesday near the park in far eastern Duluth when the dog was killed by another canine that authorities suspect was a wolf, said Brent Speldrich, a conservation officer with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The owner didn’t see what happened, but tracks of another canine were found near the dog, he said. Wolf interactions in the area are common occurrences, Speldrich said. “We live in a wolf range,” he said, noting this would be the second incident in recent weeks in which a wolf killed a dog in the area. Speldrich said Duluth residents should keep dogs leashed and should accompany dogs outside at night, keeping pets close...more

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