Sunday, February 14, 2016

How A-10 will become a "billion"aire

I wrote the following comment on Facebook:


Billions or Beers.  Sounds like a helluva trade off and it has a nice ring to it.

I know you’ve made plenty of money off your artwork, enough to have that mansion on el rancho grande up there on the creek north of me.  But, I think we could make even more by marketing…Billion Beer.  

Think about it.  Billion Beer For a Better Bureaucracy.  Fight the Fed, Buy Billion.  There’s hundreds of thousands out there who’d prefer A-10, not the IRS, end up with their cash.  It would be their patriotic duty.  The Billion Beer company promise could be “We’ll lower the price whenever the feds lower spending.”  Not much of a threat to profits there.

Or we could move to Vegas.  Benny Binion’s kin lost control of his place years ago, so we could open the Billion Beer Night Club.  Sell Billion Beer by the bucket.  “Fill our bucket, not theirs.”  Entertainment would be headlined by “Baxter Black for Billion Beer” backed up by Joe Delk playing the Billion Barrel Polka.  Bet we could also get Denny Gentry to start the World Series of Beer Drinking.

Then branch out to Northern Nevada and establish the Billion Beer Brothel.  Fill it with Billion Beer Bunnies.  “Better to be screwed by us than by the feds”.

What do you think, ol buddy?

The following discussion then took place on Facebook: 

Etienne Etcheverry
Etienne Etcheverry .....hell yes, when do we start......

Frank DuBois
Frank DuBois Well, I could start managing the brothel for you right away.

Etienne Etcheverry
Etienne Etcheverry ....we can add a indoor arena, too....

Frank DuBois
Frank DuBois lap and tap!!

Etienne Etcheverry
Etienne Etcheverry ......heck yes......

Frank DuBois
Frank DuBois No Barriers at Billion Beer Brothel...

Etienne Etcheverry
Etienne Etcheverry emoticon.....

Frank DuBois
Frank DuBois We could charge a high "entry fee"

Etienne Etcheverry
Etienne Etcheverry , me and baxter would a heck of a comedy team...

Gary Morton

So the next time you see A-10, be nice.  He could very well be a "billion"aire.  And the next time you see me, you'll be in Northern Nevada.

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